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Life as I know it

The daily ramblings of a boring girl.

Harry Lockhart/Lionel Sweeney
14 January 1988
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I am 21, live in lovely bipolar Florida. I am currently studying to be a Massage therapist. I work at a Barnes and Noble in the cafe.. I hate my job.. but I am just doing it till I am done with school. I am currently taking Wing Chun Kung Fu.. and have been for about 6 months now.
I enjoy a lot of British Tv shows and I am always willing to learn about more. I am a fan girl :P so deal with it. and yes at times I can get addicted... while focused on something that really interest me. I am a cosplayer and I do attend the occasional Convention or 2 when I am able. Am also into BDSM and other fetish stuff and I am always willing to learn more.. I am a Mistress and I do have a wonderful well behaved Pet.. How is a great friend and companion :)Am very open about talking about all kinds of stuff and also learning about anything :)

If you'd like to chat feel free to message me I am always to make new friends and find ones of the same interest :D.